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Legal News: As of July, 1st, 2011 VAT is Applied to Certain Services in Ukraine: Tax Code Amendments

29 June 2011

Law # 3387-VI on amendments to VAT provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine dated May 19, 2011 comes into effect starting from July, 1st of 2011. The Law stipulates the exclusion of provision 196.1.14 from the relevant Tax Code. As a result, the following services are no longer exempt from VAT in Ukraine:

- consulting,

- engineering,

- legal (including attorneys' services),

- accounting,

- auditing,

- actuarial and other similar services of advisory nature,

- development services,

- supply and software testing,

- data processing and providing advice related to information technology,

- information and other services in the field of information technology, including the use of computer systems.

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