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Legal News: The adoption of the Law "On State Land Cadastre"

4 August 2011

The adoption of the Law "On State Land Cadastre" provides the legislative grounds for creation of the unified and integrated land database in Ukraine, principles of its updating, amending, and controlling as well as ensuring more transparent functioning of the sphere by minimizing the number of necessary steps for state registration of land plots.

The Law defines the process of state registration of land plots including the objectives, procedure, and terms of registration; list of documents on land development and land assessment; state and regional authorities responsible for adding land plots' data to the Land Cadastre etc.

According to the law, the land cadastre data should be posted on the official Web site of the central body of executive power on land resources, while searching for, viewing, copying and printing data on the boundaries of administrative units, cadastral numbers of land plots, boundaries of land plots, land purpose, land distribution between owners and users, restrictions on land use, general data on the quantitative and qualitative account of land is free of charge. At the same time, data about the normative monetary evaluation of land, parts of land plots, which are subject to servitude, land sublease agreements, etc., has to be paid for.

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